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Our Steps To Complete Tax Resolution

S​tep 1

First, our team of tax professionals will evaluate your specific situation, obtain your IRS transcripts and do a complete financial evaluation. We will work to find the best available options for you and your situation. 
All at NO UPFRONT COST to you!  ​

Step 2
Our Team Goes To Work

Next, our team will present you with a plan of action to quickly resolve your IRS and State tax issues.  Once hired, we'll immediately contact the IRS  to release wage levies and/or request collection holds, until we can submit a resolution to your tax case.

Step ​ 3

​Lastly, our resolution experts will work your case to completion and ​help you to develop a plan of action moving forward. We will coach you so you won't get back into another stressful and costly tax problem with the IRS or state taxing authorities.

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​What Our Clients Have To Say

​O​ur tax problems are gone...

​ ​Pro Tax reviewed out IRS files, compiled all of our finances ​and coached us through dealing with a burdensome Time Share we couldn't afford and after about 8 months we got a letter of acceptance from the IRS and now we have a settlement of $500 and our tax problems are gone. We feel like a ton of excess weight has been lifted from our shoulders and can get on with our lives stress free from the horrible tax burden we were under.  ​

North Carolina   //  ​August -  2016

Now I can breathe freely again...

I am in the ministry and owed the IRS over several years by getting bad tax advice and not following through with things I found myself and family in quite a mess with the IRS.  After finding ​Pro Tax Services ​they jumped right in and starting working on a plan to help me deal with the amount owed....​ Pro Tax took control and got me in a Currently Not Collectable status...Now I can breathe freely again and know the IRS is not going to take my check or bank account.  Peace of mind is worth so much! 

Alabama  //  ​May - 2015

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Professional Tax Services Include:

  • File Un-filed Tax Returns 
  • Installment Agreement
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Lien Release
  • Amended Returns
  • Solve Back Tax Debt
  • Currently Not Collectable
  • Levy Release 
  • Audit Representation
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • ​Offer In Compromise
  • ​Payroll Issues 940 & 941