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    Provide professional tax services to the average hard-working taxpayer. Providing the latest in automated and integrated application technologies. To serve our clients’ tax related needs simply, understandably and affordably.

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    We understand how complex your tax case can be; this is why most need a Tax Professional to walk you through the process so you will know your rights as a taxpayer. At Professional Tax Services  we represent taxpayers with various services.

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    ProTax offers a variety of services for your tax issues. We provide a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problem and to leave you with realistic expectations. We have affordable fees and financing available if needed. 


    ProTax can stop your IRS tax problems today!

    Professional Tax Services mission is to serve our Clients and Associates; Partnering with the best Automated, and Integrated Application Technologies. To resolve current issues and debt’s with taxing authorities, with respect, ethics and dignity. To learn, grow and show our clients how to use on the go technologies, to stay compliant, conserve income, bringing peace and organization for our clients, associates and their families.

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    What We Do

    Let Our Experience be Your Guide

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    We review your IRS filings to let you know up front what tax relief options are available.
    WE CAN HELP! - Call 800-355-2079
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    ProTax becomes your partner and takes immediate action to stop IRS levies on bank accounts and IRS seizure of assets.
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    We negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount, under the most favorable schedule, allowed by law.
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    Experienced & Dedication to You!

    We understand that dealing with the IRS/State can be a very time consuming and stressful experience, especially if you’re negotiating an IRS payment plan.


    ProTax deals with and speaks directly with the federal and state income tax agencies.


    ProTax deals directly with the federal and state taxing authorities so you won't have to.


    Pro Tax has 35 years of combined experience dealing with federal and state taxing authorities.


    Offering you a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problem.

    How it Works

    We Negotiate On Your Behalf

    When you have a tax problem, you need to take action! You can count on ProTax do it. For issues big and small, you can get personalized help from an expert Tax Pro to work with the IRS for you.

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    We offer Tax Preparation (current and previous years), Amending Tax Returns, Wages levy Release (wages and bank), Lien Release, Audit Representation, Penalty Abatement, Innocent/Injured Spouse Relief, Installment Agreements, Offer in Compromise (settlement of back taxes) and much More.