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If You Cannot Afford to Pay the IRS in Full?

If you cannot afford to pay the IRS in full you may need a monthly payment agreement that will fit your budget (Personal or Business) and WE CAN HELP! Let Professional Tax Services help you get back on track with the IRS or State! We can prepare a request for Installment Agreement (Personal or Business – large and small) if you are behind and need an arrangement that can fit your budget. Give us a call to discuss your needs whether local or out of town. We can help you get back on track with the IRS and State.

IRS Payment Plans/Installment Agreements – What to expect

You can make monthly payments through an installment agreement if you’re not financially able to pay your tax debt immediately. However, you will reduce or eliminate the amount of penalties and interest you pay and avoid the fee associated with setting up an installment agreement if you pay your tax bill in full. Before you apply you may want to consult with a Tax Professional to determine your best options available. A Licensed Representative can help determine your best approach as some installment agreements are not in your best interest. Contact Professional Tax Services today to have a complete FREE consultation to know the facts before you make the wrong decision on your own.

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