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Take Action on Your Tax Issues Today. Get personalized assistance from a tax professional who will work with the IRS on your behalf.

Tax Return Preparation

We can prepare tax returns for Personal and Small Businesses. If you are behind on filing returns we can prepare unfiled returns necessary to bring you into compliance.

Back Taxes

There are several options available to you like Installment Agreements, Hardships and even Offer in Compromises, let us help you find what will work best for you. We communicate with the IRS professionally for you, so you don’t have to.

Wage/Levy & Seizure

When you have a wage levy on your wages. We will immediately take over your case with a power of attorney and contact the IRS informing them of legal representation. You will not have to speak to the IRS any longer.

Installment Agreement

If you cannot afford to pay the IRS in full you may need a monthly payment agreement that will fit your budget (Personal or Business) and WE CAN HELP! Let Professional Tax Services help you get back on track with the IRS or State.

Currently Not Collectable

If your income is not enough to pay your bills and paying the IRS would be a hardship to you. If you cannot pay any of your tax debt due to an economic hardship so the IRS may temporarily delay collection until your financial condition improves.

Offer in Compromise

The Offer is a complex process that takes 6 to 12 months and sometimes even longer to work through, its time consuming and very detailed to produce. If you are a candidate it can be a great way to reduce your IRS debt.

Injured Spouse - Innocent Spouse

We can request for an Injured Spouse or Innocent Spouse Relief, if you are a victim of owing and your spouse held information from you or forced you to sign a return together. Call to discuss!

Abatement of Penalties

If you are a victim of circumstances beyond the normal activities of life and the IRS has penalized you, we can request for an Abatement of Penalties for you after a complete evaluation of your case to see if you indeed qualify.

Audit Representation

There are many aspects to an audit depending upon what the IRS or State taxing authority is looking for. You need an experienced Tax Professional to review your case and determine if you have any options to fight for your return to be accepted as you submitted it.

Business Payroll Tax - Civil Penalties

If the payroll taxes are left unpaid and you close your business, then the IRS can assess a CIV PEN (civil penalty) against the owners of the business and collect from your personal assets and income collection potential which can be devastating to you and your family.

Tax Liens

We will fight for your rights and yes we can help with getting a tax lien released from you tax debt, depending upon several aspects of your tax debt and history. Our tax professionals can review your specific situation and then present to you a plan of action.

Trucking Tax Issues

We understand what it means to have your trucking operation shut down because ​your income has been levied. Our Tax Resolution Specialist can quickly evaluate your case and get a solution put together to get you back on the road fast!

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Experienced & Dedication to You!

We understand that dealing with the IRS/State can be a very time consuming and stressful experience, especially if you’re negotiating an IRS payment plan.


ProTax deals with and speaks directly with the federal and state income tax agencies.


We assess your situation and negotiate with the IRS to arrive at an amount you can afford.


Tax Defense Partners deal and speak directly with the federal and state income tax agencies.


Offering you a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problem.

How it Works

We Negotiate On Your Behalf

When you have a tax problem, you need to take action, and you can count on us to do it. For issues big and small, you can get personalized help from an expert Tax Pro to work with the IRS for you.

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If a tax debt is hanging over your head, it’s time to call ProTax. If there's a chance you qualify for one of the options available through the Fresh Start Program they will find it for you. ProTax got me caught up with my unfiled tax returns and stopped the IRS from garnishing my wages.

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