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CIV-PEN Assessment

We will fight for your taxpayers rights and after evaluating your specific situation find a solution to your tax debt. If the payroll taxes are left unpaid and you close your business, then the IRS can assess a CIV PEN (civil penalty) against the owners of the business and collect from your personal assets and income collection potential which can be devastating to you and your family.

Payroll Taxes

Commonly referred to as 941 quarterly tax returns. You generally must withhold federal income tax from your employees’ wages. You withhold part of Social Security and Medicare taxes from your employees’ wages and you pay a matching amount yourself. This is a common area of taxes that can destroy years of efforts in building a successful business and when not handled properly can end years of efforts of building your dream business. If you have payroll tax debt you must ask yourself some tough questions:
  • Do you really want to keep your business open?
  • Can you make payroll deposits for the current quarter and remain compliant on future payroll deposits?
If you can do the above then, an agreement can be be reached with the IRS for the past due taxes to be repaid while you continue to run your business. If you can and want to do these, then contact us to have a Tax Professional evaluate your specific situation and see if an agreement can be reached with the IRS that you can handle and keep your business running.

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