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What happens if the IRS places a wage levy on you?

Can the IRS or State take my pay check?

Yes, through a Wage Levy a large portion can be withheld from:
  • Wages (W-2)
  • Self Employment (1099)
  • Disability
  • Social Security
  • Investments
  • IRA’s
  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
and sent to the IRS or State for payment of your tax bill. This can be devastating when it happens, but there is a solution and options available to you. What you need then is a wage levy release and we can help you.

Can the IRS or State seize my property?

Yes, if the IRS or state has followed collection due process and you have failed to respond to their request to pay the debt or work out an arrangement or settlement; the IRS or state taxing authorities can seize your property in an attempt to pay the outstanding tax debt owed. When you have a wage levy on your wages We will immediately take over your case with a power of attorney and contact the IRS informing them of legal representation. You will not have to speak to the IRS any longer. We will obtain your IRS records and evaluate your compliance first, if it’s found that returns are needed to be filed we will begin working with you to get the necessary returns filed and recorded with the IRS. If your financial situation allows, we will request a hardship to allow the levy to be released, then begin working on a long term resolution based upon your full financial situation of ‘Income / Expenses’ and ‘net equity’.

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