Providing professional tax services to the average hard-working taxpayer.

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Professional Tax can stop your IRS tax problems today!

Professional Tax Services mission is to serve our Clients and Associates; Partnering with the best Automated, and Integrated Application Technologies. To resolve current issues and debt’s with taxing authorities, with respect, ethics and dignity. To learn, grow and show our clients how to use on the go technologies, to stay compliant, conserve income, bringing peace and organization for our clients, associates and their families.

Work with the IRS so you don't have to

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Our Philosophy

Immediate personalized assistance to work with the IRS for you to get the best results.

Our Vision

To serve our clients’ tax related needs simply, understandably and affordably.

Our Mission

Providing professional tax services to the average hard-working taxpayer.

What We Do

Let Our Experience be Your Guide

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Tax Negotiation

Don’t just surrender to requests from the IRS or accept that you’re going to owe a huge bill before seeking advice from a tax professional.
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Stressful Tax Situation?

The first step may simply be getting caught up with unfiled tax returns. We'll work with you to show you tax relief solutions that can help.
Financial consulting and help

Tax Debt Relief

Our CPAs and certified tax professionals work with the IRS daily, and have years of experience helping resolve IRS tax related issues.
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Professional tax services to the average hard-working taxpayer.

When you have a tax problem, you need to take action, and you can count on us to do it. For issues big and small, you can get personalized help from an expert Tax Pro to work with the IRS for you.